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cute and awesome Rainbow Dash by MLPT-fan

I like this plushie overall. You got the colors spot on. In terms of proportions, they're perfect save for the head. I feel that it's a bit too long, though that could just be an illusion due to the bandana, since I've seen your other plushies and those were perfect in terms of proportions. Now we get to my one kind of major negative...her tail is too short and a tad bit too wide. Normally this would be a slightly more minor issue, but I hold MLPT-fan to a higher standard than most plushie makers when it comes to show accurate plushies, so anything that would be a minor issue on another plushie becomes a moderate issue on one of MLPT-fan's plushies. I also have to take price into account, this would be around $200 US before shipping right? I personally feel that for $200 it should be flawless, but besides the tail it's perfect. I know that my critique sounds pretty negative, but when it comes to the good...there's not much to talk about. It looks exactly like she does in the show except for the tail. Oh and the bandana is a nice touch, and the socks are cute.

Note: 2 for originality since this is a licensed property.
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